Hello, world.

This is a website that tells you about everything related to Japan . I am going to explain about what is happening in Japanese society. Also, I will try to introduce some of the new talents who are emerging in the many different kinds of fields around the world such as artist, athlete, creator, and entrepreneur.

Cool Japan

Let me share my thoughts about the things in Japan with you. Japanese landscape, Japanese society, Japanese culture, Japanese food, Japanese business. Some of them are so unique that even I am a pure Japanese, but seeing those things as a foreigner.


Let me introduce new Japanese. They are Artist, Athlete, Creator, and Entrepreneur. They are the hope for the Japanese society. They will emerge out of the Japanese market into the world. I call them as Zipanguese. Please welcome them.


Let me explain about what is going on in Japan these days. And I will share some of the thoughts that I can feel about what is happening in the USA with my own perspective meaning a little bit of Japanese taste. Hope you enjoy them.

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