Why am I writing this blog?

Well, since we are living in the information society, it is easier to recognize things around the world, not to mention, between Japan and America. But do we know each other well? Compare to the era before the Internet came about, are we getting known each other more detail? To me, it is Yes and No. Let me explain.

Yes part

That is us, Japanese side. We have been making our daily life peacefully because The United States has been always at present for the military bases. We don’t have to worry about who would invade the Japanese territory. The United State would be standing always behind us.

So, we just concentrated what we were good at, which was making a commodity. Well, as you know, we import all raw materials all over the world, and somehow make them into the nicer brand, useful, and reasonable commodity such as electronics and automotive. That era was you can call around 1980s. Yeah, people in the US hated the Japanese products.

But actually, to be honest with you, we were making lots of money. And at the same time, we were also buying lots of information about America or you can say US cultures such as music, movie, and American lifestyle itself.

We play jazz. We listen to pop, R&B, and Hip Hop. We act like Americans. We used to have lots of Hippies. And nowadays, younger generation wears their clothes like Hip Hop style.

We have fast food and convenience store in Japan. We imported the business style such as supermarket, franchise, and so forth.

The people sing a song in English. They are affected by the American pop artists one way or another. People play baseball. Some of them are now playing in the major league. They play golf, tennis, basketball, and even American Football.

So now you get my point I assume. It is one-way feeling, from Japan to America. But what about Americans? Well, I know some people are crazy about Otaku culture, however, most of the Americans are lacking about the Japanese information. But who cares? We are the Americans, right?

No part

Whenever I hear someone screaming at Japanese tourists (maybe) like, “Samurai” or “Sushi” or “Ninja”, well, it is true, but they are linked to the image of the Japanese stereotype among Americans.

Someone was asking, “Where is Hong Kong in Japan ?” Well, what can I say?

Things are getting a little bit different, but it is not enough. People in the US are indifferent to the outside of the world, well I should say some of them, but you cannot blame on them.

What about us, Japanese? Are we making some efforts to let the world know what is like Japanese? Or are we trying to communicate to the people in the world with English? Yeah, translating our culture and society in English is such a hard work to do, but I think we were just lazy. I mean LAZY, so hope you guys would understand what is all meant, right? Can’t you get it; we all are smiling meaning maybe yes or maybe no. Even I don’t know, damn it!

So, I think it is time to introduce and explain more about ourselves. It is time to communicate more with people around the world in ENGLISH. Let them know we are human beings, too.

It is not only me. Actually, some of the Japanese feels that way, too. And some have already made their actions through the Internet world or real world.

Government? Well, there is a website called “Japan Tourism Agency”.

Yeah, we know people are passing through Japan and all the attention goes to China. We want to have more visitors and make them repeater as well. I think I can do something a little bit about it. Let me state what I can do and hope it will work fine with people.

So, those are the main reason why I am making this blog for myself, for the other Japanese and its society, and for the people around the world. Let’s communicate with each other, but please don’t rush. I will make each post step by step. Oki Doki?